Man Crush Monday: A$AP Rocky style file

*insert eye roll and heart eyes emojis here* I should change my title to Man Crush Everyday because let's be real here--I crush on this man everyday and I know I'm not the only one. The original (and only) pretty motherfucker--A$AP Rocky is taking the street fashion world by storm. Oh yeah, I kinda love his music too.

A$AP has blessed many with his creative aesthetic. Vanity Fair, Vogue, Supreme--his "hood pretty" face has been seen everywhere. A$AP has a style that draws from both the street and high society. He mixes architectural street style pieces and very chic, sleek, high end pieces.

I love that A$AP embraces a slight femininity with oversized florals and skin tight denims. The man can dress. God, can he dress. Do you remember that hit he had with Rihanna, "Fashion Killa?" Cus this man continues to kill the fashion game day in and day out.

A$AP has had some incredible shoots with Vogue and Vanity Fair in his time. He also had a collab with Guess to bring back a retro '90s feel to hip hop fashion. Confession: I need the crop top and I still haven't done that yet. Maybe I'll do it now...

The Menswear portion of Paris Fashion Week is coming up at the end of June and (lucky me) I will be in attendance this year. A$AP, Travis Scott, and the likes of them have been spotted there in the past so let's hope and pray that I am lucky enough to spot him at the shows this summer. Fortunately, we love all the same designers, like Raf Simons and Rick Owens. Stay tuned for live updates later this summer.

As always, thanks for walking on the runway babes. And remember, you can be a fashion killa too.


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