Men's Fashion:Get him to willingly switch up his style.

It is so attractive when a guy has style. I am not talking about the “I can afford the Club Monaco catalog” style, that is fashion. I am talking about the one that you cannot buy in stores: the one where he can wear a grey shirt from Tj Maxx and look like he came from one of those GQ “what to wear on the weekend” articles. I was doing some research on Men’s Summer trend when I came across this comment “I cannot wait to dress my man in this” and I felt some type of way about it. Do we have to always go into relationships ready to change a person before we even meet them? I have learnt the hard way that changing a man is only a waste of your time because you are most likely making it easier for the next girl. I am not saying that I do not are about what a guy is wearing because then I would be lying. Let’s be honest, if he did not have a sense of style then he is not  mine and even the good Lord knows that. I know that most men do not know how to dress but it should be our love for them that makes us want to intervene.

If you wish your guy dressed better then do not expect to change his style overnight because you are not Tim Gunn and besides, we all know that will only turn him into a man toddler.  We are not aiming for guys who look good but feel awful. If you found yourself a good hearted handsome guy who treats you right but does not know how to dress. Here are a few ways you can get him to switch up his style without forcing it on him. Just remember that this transformation is a long-term work in progress.

You do not want to be his mother. Just be exactly who you are...his woman. He is attracted to you and you are attracted to him. This will give you better results more than nagging or dragging him into the store will. He wants to look good for you. Instead of nagging him, tell him that he has great arms ---and wouldn’t they look amazing in that slim-fit dress shirt you got him for his birthday. Start with a gift and continue with “I thought this tie would bring out the color of your eyes. If you do it right and with patience, you can donate some of your old things to Goodwill and suggest that he does the same. Before you know it, he is noticing the space he has in his closet and because he gets a lot of compliments when he wears the things you get him, he might become a willing participant in the change.

When it comes to style, confidence can make all the difference. You know how when your guys tells you that you’re sexy and it makes you want to dress sexy? It goes for him too. Instead of complaining about his old T-shirt, just tell him that it is a shame he has to hide his amazing abs or that he has to hide his great butt in those baggy jeans. The best way you will willingly get him to switch up is by telling him how great he looks in the pieces you pick out.

One last thing. Know who your man is. Don’t try to turn him into a runway model.

Is this post advising you to be manipulative? It sure is but it’s not harmful and besides, he will thank you some day when he realizes that you upgraded him. I have not been posting here in a few weeks, but it has always been lit Backstage.

Thank you for walking on my Runway.


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