Plan your weekend: The Naked Magic Show at Shubert Theatre #GNO

For a culture that is obsessed with sex, we have a very interesting relationship with nudity. I know about this magic show that is happening this weekend in Shubert Theatre in Boston called the Naked Magic Show. Two European guys do magic in their birthday suits and I can surprisingly see the art in all of this. It got great reviews and sold out in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the USA.

The show is basically magic mike but with the magic in it. These two hot magicians take magi to a whole another level. This is perfect for a girl’s night out. Whether you are a prude or not, you only need $38 to have a good naked laugh. The guys are very much in shape so it could be worse. Even if you have not seen a naked man in a while or are reading this as you lay next to one, you should go for the laughs. Something tells me you could use some magic in your life with how hard you have been working. You have to be above 18 years old because duuh.

Like my Backstage so that you do not miss out. Thank you for walking on my Runway with your clothes on, you didn’t have to but again this is about fashion. Have a magical weekend.


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