Style Profile: The cool Smith genes

Willow Smith, that is. The fifteen-year-old phenom captured the heart of Karl Lagerfeld himself, earlier this month, when it was announced Willow would be the latest ambassadress of Chanel.

Willow has managed to solidify her image and exude her self confidence since the mere age of nine.

Remember when everybody "whipped their hair back and forth?" Yeah, that was all Willow. Even then, she was rocking paint-dipped, waist-length braids, white mascara, rhinestones on her lips, and a colorful and bejeweled mani. We should have known then that this girl was gonna come up.

Fast forward six years later and here we are. Willow Smith, the new face of Chanel. And not the same Willow that whipped her hair. But one who is sure of herself; a truly grounded individual. She reminds me sometimes of Zoe Kravitz with the natural face and nose ring. Regardless, she is stunning. No wonder Karl chose her.

But let's not forget about Jaden either. He is the face of the Spring Summer Womenswear Line for Louis Vuitton. Talk about a pair. Jaden and Willow break gender norms every day. Jaden has almost a delicate femininity about him while Willow has a boy-ish charm. Jaden was pictured in one of the LV ads next to other female models wearing the latest runway pieces (surprise! Jaden fits runway samples).

Everyone thinks of Willow and Jaden Smith as the weird kids on the block. But honestly? I think they are far beyond their years in terms of wisdom, and maturity, and fashion. Doesn't really hurt to have Will and Jada for parents either.

Keeping the pairs' current campaigns in mind, let's have a look at their Met Gala looks from earlier this month.

Willow in Chanel and Jaden in Louis Vuitton of course. They were match-y, match-y without overdoing it. Willow showed off the Chanel Couture 2015 collection with the ever-popular high waisted pant--cropped to show off a chunky Louboutin heel. She paired this with a white-specked oversized coat and matching crop top. Jaden played off of Willow's look with a black vest with a thick, white piping.  Under this, the signature Jaden tunic and a straight leg pant, tucked into a sleek pair of black ankle boots.

Like, damn. Even their hair matched. Mark my words people, Willow and Jaden Smith are
about to blow over the fashion world--if they haven't
already. Maybe if I'm lucky I will get to see
them in Paris!

As always, thanks for walking on the runway babes.


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