The lemonade coloring book and does the Beyhive care about the Ivy Park sweatshop allegations?

Happy Wednesday. Our Woman Crush is the Queen Bee herself. She won’t stop slaying, the beyhive won’t stop attacking anyone against their queen and I still cant find tickets that are in formation with my bank account. Go Backstage to see how you can color scenes from Beyonce’s lemonade. Illustrator Jessie Kanelos got inspired after taking a few doses of Bey’s lemonade. I am still waiting on the day that my admiration for Beyonce will make me a dollar.

If you you are part of Beyonce’s lemonade stand, you should get a few pieces from her Ivy Park collection: depending on how your bank account is set up. While you are at it, I would like you to know that Ivy Park was allegedly made from factories that had sweatshop like conditions in Sri Lanka. According to UK’s The Sun, the laborers are earning as little as $6.17 a day. Ivy Park was supposed to “support and inspire women” and I do not see anything inspiring about this. Read the article, tastes like lemonade to me.  A 22 year old seamstress told The Sun that she earned 18,500 rupees a month which is merely $125. The cheapest General Admission ticket to her concert I have come across is $350 and we all know that Beyonce and TopShop can do better than that. So what is the Beyhive going to do about this? Since you all love defending thy queen.

I am just going to sip my lemonade and thank you for walking on My Runway. Don’t forget to check out the lemonade coloring book Backstage.


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