Designer Profiles: Boston's Joe Malaika

Having a 4 day week has its pros and cons with the only con being that it does not happen often enough. Speaking of things that do not happen often enough, Designer Profiles should definitely become a thing on my Runway because I know so many talented people. I believe that the best time to start something is now and that is why we have a designer profile today.

Meet Joe Malaika who has been designing since 2009 when he made one dress for a friend and the orders started coming in. Joe has recently won the award of Best Casual Designer in Boston and when you take a look at his designs, you will wonder why you do not know his name if you already don't know it. He learned sewing from his grandmother as a little kid so shout out to Nana.

African fashion is always as colorful and printful (Is this even a word) as it can be and I admire Joe’s take on it. The girl he designs for is classy, confident and beautiful. You do not want to get in her way when she puts on her shoes because she is on a mission to get the job done.(sounds like a girl I know)

I love what he does with his crop tops. They are always AAAMMMMAAAZZING!!. If they do not inspire you to do sit ups as the first thing when you wake up then I am afraid nothing will inspire you. It’s crop top season and this time, we are not leaving anyone behind. Every girl needs to feel the joy of wearing a cute crop top outfit.

Joe actually does men’s fashion too. The jacket that he is wearing in the top picture was made by him. Every single design that he makes is made for a special girl. I would describe his style as African chic.Check out his designs to see whether you are that special girl. You will know what I am talking about once you see it. I know that I need a Malaika in my closet for sure.

Thank you for walking on the Runway. Come Backstage to see what the shoe of the day is.


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