Personal Style: The pros and cons of rompers.

Rompers are chic until you have to go pee. Hi, welcome to the Runway.  We are going to get personal for a second. There are two problems I have with rompers. Don’t get me wrong, I love rompers as much as the next girl but why do they come with inconveniences and why has no one even bother to fix this particular problem I am talking about. The going to the bathroom problem.

We are in 2016, why do I have to get fully undress in order to use the bathroom when wearing a romper. A first world problem that I do not want to be part of. Can a designer get on it? the lives you would save if you figured out a way of using the bathroom in a romper without all the hustle. I suggest maybe we take the zippers from the sides to the middle part so that when you unzip, it is easier than completely pulling it down. That’s an idea.

On a side note, my glow looks like it has decided to kick in. I am also putting a classy touch to my what I would call edgy style. This is one of my favorite pieces at the moment. I love the long sleeves and since the air condition makes the rooms colder, a girl had to be ready for all conditions.. That is why this romper was perfect for a summer day. What do you think of this look? Come Backstage to see what we are talking about. Thank you for walking on the Runway.


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