Runway Events: 2016 Boston Uganda Martyrs Celebrations.

The first thing that people think of when they think of Uganda is usually Idi Amin. “Wow you are from Uganda? Do you know Idi Amin?” No, never met the guy but we have some pretty juicy mangoes. Our history is more than Idi Amin and I would love my Runway to know about the Uganda Martyrs.

The Uganda Martyrs were a group of christians who were executed because of their faith. By execute I mean, they were slowly burnt alive like smores. I am going to summarize this history lesson in my own way but you should find out more about them if you have a second or two. The missionaries came to Uganda to start spreading Christianity and some people were happy to be introduced to religion. King Mwanga II obviously did not like that so he threatened to burn them if they did not leave Jesus’ squad and the Martyrs did not care and the King was not kidding about burning them so he piled them up and burnt them at Namugongo in 1886. They were young: Most of them were in their 20’s, 30’s and the youngest one Kizito was 14 years old. I cannot stand a Birkin bag on fire so I do not understand why another human being would take someone’s life just because they have different beliefs. The Catholic Church beatified the martyrs in 1920 and canonized them in 1964. Now Namugongo is a Holy place and has become the venue of massive pilgrimages especially on June 3rd which is the Uganda celebrates the Martyrs. You should read more about them or pray to them when you are finding it difficult to find forgiveness in your heart.

And because of the Uganda Martyrs, I had beautiful model walk on my Runway this past weekend at the Marriott Hotel. Every year, we have a beautiful mass in their honor at St Mary’s in Waltham followed by a reception at the Marriott hotel in Burlington. Here is the fashion that went down my Runway and there is always more Backstage. For the fun of it, Let me know who your best dressed was. The photos were taken by Paul Kato. I am not posting as much because I am trying to slay this whole being an adulthood thing. As always, thank you for walking on my Runway. 

Enjoy my fashionistas.


  1. The lady in yellow/mustard/gold dress(no.4) from top...beautiful smile, beautiful dress...awesome!#slayyyyyin


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