Traditional wear: The Ugandan Gomesi.

My supermodels. Thank you for walking on my Runway. I think it is about time we talked about traditional wear. We all come from different cultures and if you are still connected to yours, I would love to know more about your dress code. I will start by sharing mine. The Gomesi is a beautiful dress worn in the Central and Eastern part of Uganda. It is floor-length, brightly colored with a square neckline. The short puffed sleeves are probably my favorite part about it. The gomesi is tied with a sash below the waist: It is important to make the sash equal because that could result in gomesi issues. It is one of those things because it takes time to get it right, the only time you want to adjust it is when you are taking it off. It takes about six meters of cloth with two buttons on the left side of the neckline.

A woman in a gomesi is a lady, a queen who deserves respect. There is a way the gomesi gives you this sense of respect. The few times I have worn it, I always felt like such a lady. I can't walk or talk the way I would if I was wearing a normal dress. I feel like there are certain jokes I cannot even make because I am a lady in a gomesi. The only problem I have with it is that it is not flattering for my petite figure (I usually look like I am playing dress up in my mother’s clothes) but my sister Linda (pictured  below)  is rocking her gomesi. Look at the colors and her accessory game.
 My grandmother has never worn a pair of pants or a skirt in her life. Not even a normal dress. I think this is one of our best kept traditions. Every Ugandan woman knows the respect a gomesi has. Mothers teach their daughters how to tie their gomesis. You will need someone’s help 80% of the time to make sure that you did everything correctly.

I am sure there are youtube videos on how to wear the gomesi. It gives me great pride when I see someone from outside or culture wear a gomesi because I know wearing a gomesi comes with great responsibility. The men wear a kanzu and perhaps one of these days, I will have a few handsome Ugandan gentlemen in kanzus on my Runway. But for now, check out the beautiful queens who walked on my Runway in their gomesis. Don’t forget to come Backstage to see what’s going on.

Thank you for walking on my Runway.


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