Women We Love: Yali's Ashley Graham brag

FAMILY!!! Oh how I have missed you! I am sorry for staying away too long. Things have finally started picking up for me. YAY!
Listen guys I am back because I NEED to talk about the best thing that has happened to fashion and modeling in our time. ASHLEY GRAHAM! Please back off because I already have her engagement ring bought. Thank you.

DUDE! How? Why is she so amazing?! Like she is a size 16! Sixteen! Do you know how beautiful that is? She is shattering every stereotype for plus size girls in real life. I’m loving every minute of her fame! I don’t see her going anywhere, anytime soon. She’s a Lane Bryant model and has her own collection at Dress Barn –AFFORDABLE STUFF!!!! EEEEP! *Enters Yali with her credit card*
No but for real. Ashley is killing the game. It makes me so happy to see someone like her up in lights and receiving such positive feedback. She’s a healthy plus size model. She promotes healthy living and empowers women of ALL sizes to be happy with their looks. I love it because she isn’t stepping on anyone to make it big. She isn’t body shaming others or being a jerk about her fame…and she actually responds to fans on her Instagram!! Seriously check her out.
But anyways let me stop bragging about wifey and show you some of her best looks:
This is my absolute favorite look EVER on her! She showed up and stole the Oscars this year in this Bao Tranchi custom dress
C’mon! Look at her!

The perfection. Look at how happy she is. Come Backstage to see what we got going on. I wish you a blessed week. Thank you for walking on My Runway.


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