Antonio Banderas to play Gianni Versace.

Today on the Runway, we are talking about Antonio Banderas next gig. I have not been posting as much because the world has a negative energy right now and it is messing with my creative vibe. But I posted this article Backstage about a designer who is going to make bags and jackets out of Alexander McQueen’s DNA and I am okay with it. I would love to know your thoughts about this.

Back to Versace, Banderas will play Gianni Versace in the upcoming film about the late designer’s life. The Versace brand  did not authorize or play any role in this movie, it is completely a work of fiction. I know that Versace’s sister Donatella will be on board with this choice because it only makes sense. This is not Bandera’s first interest in the fashion world. Last year, he surprised the world by enrolling at Central Saint Martins to study menswear design last year. Playing versace in a film is not the worst way to get extra credit.

Details on the film are not available at the moment. All you need to know is that it is happening and it will be directed by Bille August with filming starting in December in Milan.The set will then move to Reggio Calabria: the town in which Versace was born and Miami where he was murdered in 1997. I wonder whether we will cast a Donatella for this.

Thank you for walking on the Runway. Catch you Backstage.


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