App Review: Finding Pokemon on Bumble

While everyone was playing Pokemon Go, I was looking for Pikachwu on another app though. I am sure that you have heard of Bumble.  It is a dating website- similar to Tinder but the girl gets to start the conversation. I was talking to a coworker about how I wanted to find my person the traditional way (Like accidentally walk into each other, make eye contact and live happily ever after) He asked me how it was going and honestly, not that many potentials bumping into me. Although he has had no luck with the dating apps but he swears they are more fun than waiting for someone to bump into you so I tried out Bumble for 48 hours.

The first few hours were exciting. It was so many guys..most of them handsome waiting for you and me to swipe right but because of who I am as a person, a lot of them went to the left. I naturally swiped for guys who were out of my league (there is no such thing) but even I know that I was playing in a GQ catalog. So in order to start the conversation, they have on swipe right on you too. If it is a match right after you swipe right then that is a compliment because that means that they liked you first. After the excitement of getting a connection, you have to start the conversation. The girl has 24 hours to start the conversation and 24 hours to reply back. It was kind of overwhelming. I started with the “hello handsome “ line but the more I learnt about approaching guys, the more I realized that humor is a better approach.

With bumble, you get only one moment to make an impression. When you both match, you have 24 hours to message them and they get 24 hours to message you back. He cannot message you until you make the first move. Then that is when he gets to decide if he wants to message you back. I feel like I attract my kind of guys by being cute and funny and just witty and i don’t find it easier to do over the internet so it was not as easy for me as i had previously thought. I hope he is not waiting for me to swipe right because clearly online dating or flirting (whatever this is) is not for me. The only thing it would do is interrupt my grinding.

Thank you for walking on the Runway. Catch you Backstage. Xoxo


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