Runway Travels: Bonjour, Paris

Hi, babes.

Just about a month ago I was getting on a plane to begin the most incredible experience of my life. I was headed to Paris, France. The place that I have been dreaming of going to since I came out of the womb. And for menswear fashion week no less.

[Flower shop, personal apartment]

For any of you that have read my earlier posts, you can see that I clearly have an affinity for menswear. This is my real passion: men’s streetwear. God I love it. So obviously being in Paris for Menswear Fashion Week was beyond amazing.

The first week of the trip started out with lectures from various professionals at the Paris American Academy. We were blessed to hear from the likes of Zavier Brisoux, Anna Barr, Phillip Navar, Olivier Roux and more. These lectures focused on topics such as trend forecasting, fashion public relations, and aspects of garment design and magazine layout. We also got to do smocking and hand embroidery with one of the academy’s specialists. This was the first time I had ever sewn and it is definitely the reason I’m merchandising and not design. John Paul Gaultier’s milliner taught us how to make hats and Madame Picco, of the Madame Gres couture house, taught the design students the famous pleating techniques of Madame Gres.

After all day lectures, we ended up in some type of museum. The city was crawling with fashion exhibits that we were lucky enough to be apart of. We saw everything from the garments that touched Napoleon’s body to all the creations of Pierre Cardin. Fun fact: I got to try on two haute couture pieces while in Paris—one from Madame Gres and one from Pierre Cardin. Cool, right?

[Madame Gres gown] 

The second week was fashion week (EEK!) Sneaking into shows, attending the shows via invitation, and working as dressers backstage was how my week went. I got to attend the Rick Owens show, my second favorite designer behind Raf Simons, and dress at ICOSAE and 22/4 Hommes Femmes.

[Raf Simons (left) as a part of the Fashion Forward Exhibit]

The trip was filled with fashion, rooftop bars, wine and good friends. As the week goes on I will highlight some of my favorite things from the trip. Wait on it.

[Josh Miller and I on top of the Arc du Triomphe]

As always, thanks for walking on the runway.


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