Beauty: Sydney's roar secret #whatsyourhairstory

Alright babes, let's talk about hair.

Guilty. This is my latest selfie and it is probably one of my favorite pictures to date. One of the reasons I like it so much is my hair. It is large and in charge, ladies.

Wanna know the secret? It's simple.

Post braid kinks + killer July humidity = the perfect lion's mane.

Because I have naturally super curly hair, it holds well in braids. Though, I don't have the perfect ringlets that some girls have. My curls have a tendency to kink a little--making them all the better for braids.

Any time I style my hair I get a good 3-5 days out of it. Typically, I will wear the braids for around three days, or until the top is way too messy, and fix up the bottom every day. When I finally take them out my hair is, without fail, very large. Instead of my usual kinky curls, I end up with really fabulous curly kinks.

I don't generally have greasy hair but as a good measure I use a little dry shampoo or baby powder in my roots after I take the braids out.

As I do every day, I flip my head upside down and shake out my hair with my hands to loosen it a bit and throw some volume (as if I need any more) back into my hair. I hit it with a little volumizing or freezing hair spray after just so the mane stays intact.

And voila, the perfect lion's mane.

In the case of this photo though, it was the Fourth of July and crazy humid which means really, really big hair. But hey, all the better for the selfie though, right?

Stay in touch for more tips on natural hair especially Backstage. You should share your hair tips on the Runway.

Thanks for walking on the runway, babes.


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