Prime Minister Justin Tredeau’s style at the Toronto Pride Parade

I hope you had a quick recovery from the “Merica hangover. I am going to have myself a kickass day but can we first talk about how three day weekend chic Prime Minister Justin Tredeau looked. I would like to apologize for that title I could have done better but you are here anyways so let’s try to move past it. Hopefully not past hot Minister at the Toronto Pride.

Justin made history when he marched in the Toronto Pride Parade because he would be the first sitting Prime Minister to participate in the Parade.

He has the two buttons down style trick which shows how comfortable he is. Look at that perfect sleeve roll and he is out there advocating for love. He was at Toronto Pride day where this image was captured by ET Canada’s Rachel West via Twitter.

Don’t forget to come Backstage and remember that love wins. Thank you for walking on my Runway. You can invite me to yours if you ever wanted ;)


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