Skin Care: Got 99 problems and they are all on my face.

I have a big problem, my face is breaking out. With whatever is going on in the world and this damn heat: I am happy to say that my skincare is one of my biggest problems. I could just be ignoring the bigger problems because of who I am a person. Although I had burritos twice this week therefore the week wasn’t too bad at all.

Back to why I am on the Runway. I used to have clear skin. My skin was so clear that the salespeople who sell expensive cleansing products would ask me about my skincare. It was black, clear and I was proud of it. I do not know whether I made way too made jokes that “good black don't crack” and the universe is telling to slow my roll. All I know is that it’s getting out of control.

So when I hear Alicia Keys and Sanaa Lathan proclaiming a no makeup movement, I applaud them. But again, you do what you want when you popping. I tried the makeup free thing for a year and came to a conclusion that one simple layer of foundation won't hurt. I dont want girls to feel like now they have to stop wearing makeup. It is okay for you to cake yourself. I dont have that great of  a personality so let me keep my weaves. Let a girl express herself however she wants.

This is how I am going to deal with my skin problem. I am going to drink a lot of water and eat these skin, nails, hair gummies that worked once. Then I will let you know. I am taking control of my skin back and I am not playing.

Do you have any weekend plans? Stay safe out there. Thank you for walking on my Runway. Also, any advice you can give about this whole breakout thing, come through Backstage.


  1. make up or no make up.... we are all beautiful. Remember is not only what we see on the outside but it is how we are in our everyday lives that make us beautiful .


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