Backstage Talk: I could use a massage.

Happy Monday babes. It is the beginning of the week and month and may we pray for Father to stretch our bank accounts and have nice skin and jobs and tacos. May we do our homework and squats and never forget to drink our water. Always say yes to a Margarita and may our lips taste like Sangria. I would ask for a MCM but let’s chew up what’s on the plate first. That is August's prayer.

I saw this tweet and I thought it was funny because it is most likely accurate.

All I want is for the Lord Himself to stretch my bank accounts. I want to have enough zeros to share around. Listen up everyone on the Runway. Thank you for walking on my Runway. If you want to leave at any time, please step off my Runway like a bad trend. And if you do not think I’m funny and cute and totally stylish then you are definitely on the wrong Runway. Wrong flight buddy.

I just want to catch my blessings, glo up, drink water, do my homework and work on my Runway. I want to grow and bring change to shit. I could use your help but if you are not about that, then I actually don't want to hear it but if you are about it, then we should uplift each other.  If you are about to bring me negative energy and tell me the things I am going to fail then you need to get off my Runway. Nobody keeping you around. To stage left boo!

And to my MCM, I could use a massage. Since we are talking about guys, it is okay for guys to get Mani/Pedis. Like totally okay. I actually advise it because it makes your feet look nice and I am a Pisces so….Stop  gender to things. For anyone reading this, if you are not going to say something nice and uplifting to someone then keep your 2 cents unless you are helping someone shine.
Look at their happy faces

We have five months until 2016 ends. This is supposed to be the year stuff happens. I told myself the next NYFW was not finding me in Boston so there is no way it will. Keep only positive energy around and that is today’s style tip. Let’s do it.


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