Guest Post: Meditation tips from the girl with the perfect Instagram

Marg is a very good friend on my Runway: she is the type of friend who will show up to your door with coconut cake simply because she knows you had a long day. Sometimes when I need to refocus, I will call her up before I turn to BeyoncĂ© (you get the point). It is only right that she guest blogs for us about her inner peacefulness. Because if you know her, then you know that she has the most beautiful soul. And if you don't then her INSTAGRAM is enough to show you. I should write a style profile about her so you can get to know her better but this is what she had to say.

Life is a wild journey, and every new day is a chance to make life amazing. It is easy to get caught up on all the challenges, on all the disappointments, and on the little things that go wrong. We as human beings need to remember we are human beings. We make mistakes, we stumble and fall and sometimes take a while to get back up. But no one ever said life would be easy, fair, or worry-free.
            I personally bring myself to remember this through short meditations throughout my day. It may be taking a few minutes when I first wake up to light a warm candle, think of three things I am absolutely grateful for in my life, and follow it by some refreshing sun salutations. Perhaps I take to one of the many books and journals I own that provide words of wisdom and bring awareness to the heart and soul. Whether it is mediation guide books, Buddha enlightenment teachings, or positive mantra journals, I always find my way to one of these books to give myself gentle reminders to center myself when life gets out of hand, or if I find my headspace to be in a negative place.

Another activity that has been my outlet for years if running, hiking, or walking outside. Somehow and someway nature has a way of allowing my mind and body to let things go. It brings me to inner peace and positive thoughts. When surrounded by beautiful trees, newly bloomed flowers, crunchy leaves, clean air, blue skies, and sunny beams of light my spirit is automatically lifted. The sound of birds chirping and waterfalls flowing fills my heart with happiness and bliss. How could I not forget all my worries? I am reminded of the blessing it is to even be standing, breathing, living.

Whether it is yoga, deep breathing, or reading, find an activity that nourishes your soul and makes your heart happy. It could be as simple as repeating mantras in your head throughout the day such as, “I am strong” “I am capable” and “I am enough.” Telling yourself these positive affirmations will remind you you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and that life is happening the way it should. You are perfect just the way you are and the more you believe that the more beautiful life will become.

Finding an outlet to provide self peace and love is so important in this very short yet miraculous gift called life. Surround yourself with a healthy environment, positive people, and space that challenges you yet allows you to grow. The universe is working in your favor, you can choose to let go of negative thoughts, you can choose to see the ray of light in every situation. Remind yourself it is okay to let things go, and to release bad energies that do not serve you. If you get stuck in a moment of frustration or defeat allow yourself to have that emotion, but then let yourself move past it. Try not to analyze or judge or overthink the emotion, simply acknowledge you are feeling it and that “this too shall pass.” 


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