Backstage Pass:Is having the first dance a big deal?

On the Runway and in life in general, it is all about approach. If you are interested in me, I would not advise you to just approach me anyway you feel like. It would be better to observe and then see how you can approach and get what you want-whatever it is that you want. A first dance is one of the first couple of things you will do with your husband or wife together in front of people who care and cherish you. Naturally, I already have song selections that are contenders for my first dance. I do not know who he is that I am to marry but he needs to know that I already chose the first dance, he can choose the cake.

I have a coworker who got married this past weekend. She is very Paris chic with an American grace. She is very awkward and terrified by compliments and that is what makes her very lovable. She got married to this awesome guy who teared up during their vows.Nothing says a couple is meant to be than the husband to be tearing up at the alter.  I was shocked when she said that she was not having her first dance. I’m like 2 steps away from getting into a real relationship (I see him coming) and I already have an idea of what my first dance will be. I might even date a few  more before I meet my husband but  I have my “surprise I do “ for the camera-it’s all about those engagement photos.  I think we all have wedding boards on Pinterest.

She had to have her first dance and I did not even care whether she had two left feet or not-she doesn't but she would never choose to be the first person on the dance floor either.  In Reginah fashion, I annoyed her everyday until she finally agreed to have her first dance. It made me feel like I did something right: an accomplishment I should add on my resume or frame. I wish the beautiful couple nothing but joy and happiness and a happy family.
Thank you for walking on the Runway. Catch you Backstage. What was your first song? Is this still a big deal? I would love to hear your opinion.


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