Runway Stories: Sean’s shoe support system.

Everyone has a personal relationship with shoes. Some do not care that much while for others, it is another addiction.Whatever your relationship with shoes is, just know that it is about you and your shoes. So whether you want every pair of Yeezys or you are still rocking your tennis shoes from college, you just do you boo boo.

I have a funny shoe story. I think this is my favorite story on the Runway at the moment. Okay so, my friend Sean wanted McDonald's but he also felt like buying a new pair of shoes. Everybody has those days. He asked his buddies whether they would grab lunch with him and go shoe shopping and they really did not want to go with him but did anyways because it was Sean who asked. (It’s like when I ask you to go Backstage and hit like and you really don't want to but you love me so you do it) Sean ends have having about four of his buddies go shoe shopping with him. Keep in mind that they really did not want to buy shoes, they were there to give Sean emotional shoe support. It was Sean, his buddies and the hunt for new shoes.

I want my support system to be like Sean’s. Not only when buying new shoes but also when moving to a new city or supporting the Runway.

Be like Sean and get you a shoe support system.Thank you for walking on my Runway. Catch you Backstage.


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