Backstage Pass: Eyes on the prize

Happy Tuesday Runway. There is a lot happening which makes it the perfect time to reflect. I'm still trying to figure out the mood for London Fashion Week so eventually, I will share my favorite shows. If you have been on my Runway long enough, you know that there are plenty of times when it is not about fashion. We need to dress our minds and souls.

I am going to keep this Backstage Pass brief. Sometimes you have to isolate yourself to focus on your goals and that is perfectly fine. This is not up for debate by the way. I have set some goals on my Runway because I feel like I should be in a better place. My mentality, spirituality, relationships, my finances, my body. my closet, my glo etc. I want more for myself and although I know that I am going to glo or grow at my own pace because progress is a process. I know that there are somethings that I have to get rid of in order to get the things that I want. I would like to be out and about in this new city but I cannot because I am taking 5 classes and I really need to focus on fixing my finances and getting my homework done. So yes, it would be nice to make new friends but I have to face the fact that it is not really up there on my top priorities.

You see, I have a friend who cares about me who reminded me that yes I am on the right path to my best self but right now, there are certain things that have to take the backseat. In the moment, I did not react well because he read me like a book and the truth hurts but after some reflection over a hangover, I realized that he was right. Right now my priority is not whether someone rejected my friendship but whether my assignments are handed in on time. The time to make friends and sleep in my shoes will come. But because I made a decision to leave home and elevate myself, there are sacrifices that have to be made. Like cutting down on the television consumptions. Take some time, look into yourself to see how you can edit our inner closet. Give it your all and everything will fall into place.

Maybe this post is more of a reminder myself but maybe you could use the reminder too. Share with someone who could use a reminder. How to you stay focused on your goals? Are there sacrifices that you have made to accomplish certain goals. Come Backstage and tell us all about it. Or you can leave a comment.

Thank you for walking on my Runway. Remember to be kinder to yourself.


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