Backstage Pass: Friend rejection is the worst sometimes.

Hello Runway, let’s take a break from the fashion shows and talk about how being rejected sucks. For me, if I’m rejected romantically, it's okay because he was not good enough to begin with but being friend rejected sucks on another level. You ever met someone and you develop a friend crush on them? For those of you who are confused, a friend crush is a crush you have on someone of either sex who you want to become your friend.

It is week two for me in the city and I think it is a good idea to meet new friends. I was out and about and i met this awesome person. We laughed and got into good trouble all night. We danced to Luke Bryan ( I don't just dance to Luke Bryan with anyone), were on the same page about Beyonce and came to a conclusion that we should be friends. I don't know whether it was a in the moment for them but since I actually need to know people, I took that very seriously. I followed up with them in a Carrie Bradshaw way but they sent me to voicemail after 3 rings. Why wouldn't they want to be friends with me? Honestly, truly I’m a cool chick and I know how to carry my baggage. I am lowkey sad because I don't try to be friends with everyone like that. Sometimes friend rejection is much worse.

I have tons of homeworks anyways so I will pour my friend heartbreak there. On the bright side, I love New York because their prices for mozzarella sticks are way cheaper than the ones in Boston and there is a place down from my street that makes them the way I love them. I know for a matter of fact that mozzarella sticks would never reject me.

Thank you for grabbing this Backstage Pass. Don't forget to stay Backstage to see what we have going on today. A fashion show review is coming up soon. If you have ever been rejected in a romantic or friendship way, remember that it is not you, it is them.


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