Cuffing Season: The only type of guy I would like to date.

It’s Friday and it would be nice to get a break from books and put on my nice dress and go on a date but it will be a bottle of wine kind of night. So I am going to tell you about the guys I wouldn’t mind dating. I am not going to talk about how he has to be charming, nice smile and a good style because we already know about all that. I don’t know why we are the generation of not falling in love because I totally want a husband. (Not now obviously)

There are a few types of guys I would like to date. I would like to date a French guy or a guy who speaks French. Why? It is simple, I want him to speak to me in French. I don’t understand French, took it for 3 years and I will know how to say hi and that Lil Wayne lyric but I know that the language is a panty wetter on my Runway.

I would like to date a guy who is older than me. I am thinking in his late 20’s to like mid 30’s. I think that is when guys are more mature.They know what they want so I will not be playing games. Because he is older, hopefully this means that he has mastered the art of kissing. Guys around this age seem to be more adventurous and I could use a little adventure on my Runway. Apparently the divorced ones are welcome too.

Church boys are not any different than the ones who aren’t. I would however like to date a guy who has a relationship with God. Someone I can pray with. Someone who talks to God about me and I will do the this point, this someone is definitely husband material so he better fasten his seat belt.

I would like to date a photographer because Reginah’s Runway could use more of my personal style content and I need to be in front of the camera more. I would also like to date a professor. Maybe it has to do with the fact that my father was a professor and women are attracted to men that remind them of their father blah blah blah

I could have saved you sometime and started this post by saying that the only type of guy I would like to date is the one who supports me. It is so easy for a woman to root for her man but they do not usually return the favor. (If it was that kind of post, I would make an orgasm here…) I want him to have a good head on his shoulders. I work very hard to be happy and have a healthy mental state of mind. I can’t afford to put up with a guy who is going to bring me down and I don’t care if he looks like Sam Hunt. He has to be my cheerleader. Of course there has to be attraction and chemistry: that’s another conversation for another day.  If you know any guy who fits that description, then send him Backstage.

I would like to know, what kind of girl or guy would you like to date. Leave a comment or catch you Backstage. Have a wonderful weekend.


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