Backstage Pass: Waking up early is a good habit to pick up.

Change is something that I am not afraid of. The in relationships maybe but the change in habits is as easy as an outfit change. We all have our own little bad habits that are bad for us but we enjoy. Like having pizzas, burgers and milkshakes as your regular diet. It’s bad but boy is it good for you.

Because I enjoy my little bad habit, I decided that the next habit I pick up has to be good. Like if I can get in the habit of this unhealthy diet then I can get in the habit of drinking more water or waking up early. Do we necessarily all like doing that? Not really but they are not bad habbits to pick up.

I want to be boss so there is so much to do. Beyonce has just the same amount of hours in a day so does Anna Wintour and the girl wakes up at some crazy hour like 4 am. You can fact check me on this but that is when I’m going to bed on some days so we will take baby steps and say that we will try to wake up at 6 am everyday. Sunday being the exception because it is the Lord’s day so I get to wake up at whatever time gets me to Mass on time. Another habit that would not be terrible to pick up; going to church.

I woke up early today and I did all the little things I did not have time to do over the weekend because I was away. I meditated, did maybe five squats and cooked all before 8:00AM and it was the best feeling ever. If I can do this everyday, I would unlock another level of being boss. Come Backstage to see whether I can do it through my early morning postings.


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