Fashion News: North Faces makes its Japanese exclusive collection available in the States.

This is how you know that the holidays are around the corner or the fact that winter is coming. The North Face has finally brought its Japan-Exclusive sportswear to the States. This is exciting for those who are familiar with the brand because this collection is more exclusive and fashion forward in every North Face way: especially construction wise.  It will be available at The North Face’s new global flagship in New York City starting early November. This makes sense because New York is supposed to get its coldest winter this season. As long as it does not interrupt my grind then let’s layer on.

It is about time that this collection is available to us since The North Face’s Purple Label has produced and sold comfort since 2003. This is going to make winter 2016 lit! Here are some of the looks from the look book that I thought would be perfect for you. I did not even bother to look at the prices because it is The North Face. What do you think of this collection?

Don’t forget to go Backstage and see what is going on. Thank you for walking on the Runway. 

This is the type of sweater I can see the woman in your life stealing because that is what we do.

 The tan above is perfect for when you are ready for the weekend but it is only Wednesday. You can wear this into the weekend. Can we wear it with those khakis and brown boots or the blue khakis?


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