Oh my Burberry!: The only Fall cape I need.

I was making my way to the food line when I made eye contact with him.  If you know I’m in a party best believe you can find me where the food is. It was a pure refreshing eye contact. To make a long story short, despite having a mediocre wingwoman, I managed to scam my way into getting his phone number. It was the vodka and the nice outfit. I got to speak to him more and he was a little too good. He spoke 4 languages, well traveled and a much better dancer. The fact that he dresses even better than I do annoyed me too. What will I bring to the table then. I decided to put him in the same category as this Burberry checked cape.

I love the style and versatility of this cape. It is chic, classy and comfortable. I can wear it to go to a Friday night date, Sunday brunch and depending on how life is set up, I can dress it to the office. I adore it with a little skirt and over the knee boots. Throw on a nice hat for a cool girl effect.

So because of the way my bank account and responsibilities are set up right now, I cannot have this beautiful Burberry jacket and that is why the sparks did not go off. I can never be played. Although, it creates such a comfy stylish fall look that I believe you can create all these looks from your closet right now. All you need is a chunky scarf and confidence. Just because I can make it work does not mean I’m okay without it. Dear God, if you are reading this: I’m ready for my miracle. But like you do you and only move on your timing.

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Hugs x kisses


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