Runway Nonprofits: The Annual CHIU dinner fundraiser to benefit hospitals in rural Uganda.

Let us talk about charities. I have a few charities that I love. Some are run by friends and others are my favorite simply because of the work that they do. Like one of my favorite quotes by John Bunyan “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” So I went back to Boston last weekend to host the Annual CHIU dinner fundraiser.

This might be a biased opinion but CHIU is one of my favorite because it goes home. CHIU stands for Catholic Health Initiatives for Uganda.  We raise money to help improve the infrastructure of Catholic hospitals in rural Uganda.  We go to a hospital, help them with water, solar energy and educate about two people who works there and then go to a different village. We always make sure to educate a staff member before we move on to the next hospital. During Saturday’s evening, we raised about $13,000.

 the dinner was in aid of St. Jean Marie Muzeeyi  Buyoga Health Center Hospital in Masaka. We are working on purchasing 4 water tanks. We already purchased one a few months ago. We are still taking donations. I will leave the link below. Right now, I need you to go to Facebook and like the Facebook Page to keep up with our progress. We support locally and heal globally. Our volunteers and donors are what fuel us. There was yummy Ugandan food. You can always catch me where the Ugandan food is at. I need to get you guys on Ugandan food. I will try to keep you updated on our fundraiser and about CHIU. The photos were taken by one of my favorite photographers Paul Kato.



Thank you for walking on the Runway. Have a spooky weekend. Come Backstage to share your Halloween costumes. Dont forget to check out CHIU's page. I have the live video and everything. 


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