September in the City: NYFW

Hi babes.

I think we can all agree when I say September was a crazy month. I spent almost half the month skipping classes to run around Manhattan. Not to say it wasn't worth it. I had three separate excursions in NYC and I would like to tell you about all of them.

The first experience I had was Style Week NYC.

It is a subset of NYFW, three full days of shows in the same location. They showcased a lot of new and up-and-comers. I first found out about this from one of my professors. She knew about my experience in Paris and thought I would be a wonderful fit. I filled out the application and was contacted about being a dresser. I got the call for an interview and they revealed that not only did they want me as a dresser, they wanted me to be a LEAD dresser. You can imagine my astonishment. I accepted and was soon preparing to head to Manhattan.

I was one of three leads. I worked from noon-10 pm for three days in a row. I steamed collections, prepared run of show, delegated and performed quick changes (I am the quick change queen), confirmed hair and make up looks, assured designers knew who their models were and vice versa, and so much more. I worked one on one with some amazing designers like Control Sector, Danny Nguyen, Malan Breton and Adrian Alicea. I met and partied with some of the stars from the MTV show Are You the One and even an NBA player.

My second experience was completely unplanned. The last night of Style Week I worked with designer Adrian Alicea. I worked very closely with his stylist, Jason Hunter, and the rest of his team. Back of house for that show was kind of... well... a shit show. But in the end, Jason really appreciated my work and ask me to go to their after party. And that I did. We really hit it off and he grabbed my information for later projects.

Two days after I had returned home from the first trip, my phone rang. It was Jason. I picked up and he says to me, "I need you in Manhattan by 5 pm. Adrian has another show tonight and I want you as my assistant. Oh, and you might get to model too." So obviously I got on the next bus to New York and arrived at 5:02 pm. I assisted Jason and then Adrian, the designer, and at one point he pulled me aside. "So I hear you like to walk." I timidly shook my head "yes." Adrian asked me to put my heels on and show him what I had. I did and he smiled and sent me on my way. Soon after, I was in hair and make up. I went from lead dresser to assistant to New York Fashion Week model practically overnight. I've done my fair share of shows and I had never been more nervous than I was for this show.

(I'm the one at the far right of the top two photos practically glowing.)

The third time I went was for a Ladies Luncheon, showing Ralph and Russo. This was probably my least favorite experience. While the garments were stunning, the organization, or lack there of, was painful. It was more hectic than it should have been. They didn't even know who we were but they had hired us.. whatever. It was still amazing to be in the presence of Ralph and Russo.

Throughout all this, I met incredible people. Attended lavish clubs and premiere parties. I have connections with designers, stylists, models and stars. I was so scared to do all of this at first but the benefit was more than anything I could have ever asked for. Put yourself out there, take a risk, do something unexpected. It will get you places.

Thank you for walking on the runway, babes. I hope you enjoyed my stories.


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