Chanel blessings on my Runway.

Two months ago,  I decided to find every little penny hidden in the couch, pack up my bags and move to NYC to put Reginah’s Runway in a different setting for growth and profit. I could see the look on some people’s faces who were not sure about my move, most were happy for me and others wished that I find what I am looking for. Because I am looking for something. I am looking for my life purpose and I was not going to find it blogging in Malden.

Two months later and I am having a casual encounter with the head PR of Chanel who sent me a Chanel goodie bag. It was so casual for her but for me, it was the signs of blessings falling in my lap. The best thing is that some of these blessings are coming in Chanel. I wouldn't mind a blessing of a handsome guy, average height, dope style, ambitious, into working out( because i need to start working out), decent manners on my Runway. You notice that I am being specific because you never know when God is listening or reading and decides to give you what you want ;)

Anyways, because of the Chanel goodie bag the lovely Chanel angel gave me, I can blog about the  COCO Mademoiselle perfume. I probably would have blogged about it but now this is personal. I wore it the whole day and these are my thoughts about it.

It is gentle and alluring. I smell soft and daring. The smell is soft enough to a point where you want to keep on smelling it. It lingers in a nice way. It’s like French kissing a hot French man. You are wearing blush pink lingerie if you are wondering about the French boy situation. I am not kissing and telling, I am just coming up with a Chanel commercial; the way the perfume makes me feel.

I will review the goodie bag one by one because I am unwrapping my Chanel blessings one at a time.
Thank you Chanel.


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