Fashion News: Nasty Gal files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Okay, we need to take a breather this weekend because it was not a good week to be a Girl Boss in the White House or anywhere really. I would suggest maybe 24 hours from the internet but before you do that, did you know that Nasty Gal has  filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. If you do not know the story, founder Sophia Amoruso spoke about the news while she was being interviewed at a Business Chicks networking event.  She apparently burst into tears as she was talking about her company.  It is okay because for a company that she started from scratch, both its assets and liabilities are estimated between $10 million and $50 million and that is not bad because it is her first company.

Is this the perfect time to ask about the sales? Come Backstage to show some extra love- we could all use some extra love especially after this week and for the next four years. Thank you for walking on my Runway. Be strong, be vibrant and most importantly, be you- unless you suck then just come Backstage anyways. 


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