Runway Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here and one thing I have learned as I grow is that last minute shopping is stress you do not need in your life. Start up your list and buy the gifts one by one. From naughty to nice, you will be done with your holiday shopping before you know it.

You do not have to overthink the whole gifting thing. You do not have to buy me a computer or professional camera (which I need by the way) It can be something so small and simple as long as it is personal to the person receiving the gift. For example, I left my mugs in Boston. The first few weeks of leaving in the city were kind of had because I did not have my tea mugs with me. I would regularly complain about it to my best friend and as she was visiting me, she brought me a mug that had a sassy shopping quote on it. In that moment, I felt so much love. There might have been a time or moment in my life where I felt unlovable (because we all have those feelings from time to time) but that mug, that act was a moment to always remind me that I am loved. It was a mug that cost less than $5 but it made me feel so much love.

I am not saying that you should give everyone a mug. Listen to what the people in your life need. It’s the smallest things: If your sister is always “borrowing” your lipstick then a gift card to color pop or e.l.f will do. I would say Sephora but you can get more with the other suggested brands. Unless money is not a thing then your mother told me to tell you that she wants to go on a Paris trip.
Give them the gift that will make them think of you every day. I will start with finding a mug that will sort be an inside joke to you to brighten up their Monday or Wednesday blues. We will come up with more. But to kick off the holidays, we are starting with simplicity and thankfulness. For some this year, my presence will be the gift.

Your presence on the Runway is a gift to me. Thank you for walking on my Runway. Don’t forget to come Backstage, I guess we were a little hungry today. 


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