Runway Results: What makes a good jacket?

I was doing a jacket search for an article and when I searched for “good jacket”, I got mostly pictures of Bruce Willis in leather jackets. So I turned to my Runway and asked them what makes a good jacket. I loved the responses I got. I might make surveys a thing because I love surveys and I can make them short and sweet. Go Backstage so that you do not miss the next one.

39 people took my first survey and 71% of them were women. Of the people who took the survey, 64% of them were between the ages of 18 and 24. 23% were between the ages 25 to 34, 10% were older than 35 and 2% were other.

36% said that the material makes a good jacket a good jacket. This means materials like fir or leather or both.  I have seen denim jackets with a fur lining trending especially in Men’s fashion. We will talk about it more. When we do, I want to talk about men wearing fur coats –especially vests. I ran into Tracy Morgan on 125th in a black fur vest and I was not mad at him. So, are we doing the fur vest in men’s fashion?
 we all cannot look like Olivia Pope in a jacket but we can try. 

10% preferred length. Depending on the design of the jacket, the length can play a role in the effectiveness of the jacket. 18% said that the color of a jacket is what makes it good. The color of the jacket makes you stand out. Especially since the weather gets gloomy and cold, choosing a bold colored jacket for the season can make an easy outfit special. The tans, olive green and burgundy are good colors. Any color on the rainbow and beyond will do. 34% said that other things like bulkiness and pockets make a good jacket a good jacket. The hood is very essential too.

“When looking for a jacket I look for something either really if it covers my entire outfit, or I look for something really basic that it blends into my outfit”

The guys who took the survey preferred utility and use over style and color. For them, the quality, material, usability and price together make a good jacket a good jacket. Speaking of price, 71% said that the price of the jacket matters. 7% said no and 20% of the survey takers do not care as long as the jacket keeps them warm. 

When it came to the accessories, 58% of my Runway cannot survive the cold weather without a scarf. 20% said hats. 7% said gloves and 12% said that they need them all. So basically, we are looking for a unique jacket that will be stylish yet comfortable and will not cost us a limb. Good thing the holidays are here. We have to be awake during the holiday sales or hope that Santa has been reading ReginahsRunway and knows what makes a good jacket, a good jacket.

Thank you for walking on my Runway. 


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