You guys, I ran into Alexander Wang #Wangsquad

I did. I was busy doing my thing being a New Yorker and Tracy Morgan walked in and I casually said “Hi Tracy” like he was an old friend. And he is our old friend. There is something about Tracy Morgan -the brand and the man himself that is so down to earth and funny. He was cracking jokes with everyone and boy does he know how to work a room. So it was very easy for me to be low key. He was coming from Conan and wearing a fur vest. Fur vests for guys? We could look into that and get back to you.

An hour later after my Tracy Morgan run in, Alexander Wang and squad casually strolled in too. I wish Wang would describe the look on my face because it felt like seeing a unicorn. Alexander Wang is such a brilliant designer and a beautiful human with nothing but good energy on and off the Runway. He has the most beautiful healthy hair it is not even funny. Hey Alexander Wang, if you are reading this-can you get into the hair product business? I think it is a brilliant idea. I am vamping up my skin care. Exciting stuff!!

Alexander Wang is on Reginahs Runway. Why shouldn't you? Go Backstage to see the party. I am #wangsquad all the way. Thank you for walking on my Runway.

Speaking of Alexander Wang, check out these shoes from his collection. Honestly...truly.


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