2017 Calendars: Hot French farmers by Fashion Photographer Fred Goudon

I have a good feeling about 2017. It could be that year for all of us in a good way if we prepare for it. What better way of preparing for a new year than making sure you have a calendar ready. As we continue to celebrate the season of thanksgiving; we are very thankful for French fashion photographer Fred Goudon whose photography talent is the gift that keeps on giving. He was the guy who is responsible for the sexy French fireman calendar and now he is back with some sexy French farmers.

Goudon traveled the country in search of these farmers and luckily, he found a few volunteers. If you are not sure about 2017’s vibe; think more of semi-naked French farmers posing with livestock and puppies. Wouldn’t mind one of those on my Runway. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty and get the work done. I am not posting as much because of Graduate school but at least you can count on me to update you with important news like a calendar of French farmers that you can get from Amazon. I already know what my 2017 calendar is going to be. I will let you know soon.

 Thank you for walking on my Runway. Catch you Backstage-I’m always there even when I am not on the Runway. I hope you are invested in the French culture as much as we are. Restez soif mes amis- that is stay thirsty my friends.


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