2017: A runway in progress and HDR Calendar.

Woah we got quiet for a second there but we are back to our regular schedule. Three days into the new year and I am ready to reveal what the official 2017 calendar will be on my Runway. It will not be the hot French farmers but rather the hot dudes reading. Side note, someone start a hot men washing dishes page and I am all over that. I have been following the hot dudes reading page for a while now. The objectifying of men reading is brought with witty captions and the thirst on the timeline. Sometimes the guy is not that attractive but the captions are everything. The author is a genius and that is why I got myself their 2017 calendar.

It really is the social media page you did not know you needed in your life. We are going to be doing book reviews on the runway this year -something I have been thinking about for the longest time. This is happening, I have exciting content coming up.

What is your MCM reading? Help me with this quick survey for next week's post. Check out the Hot Dudes Reading page-although now it’s more business because it blew up, it started from a charming place and I think that’s the best part. Come Backstage to let us know what book you are reading! Or one you wish to be reading.

My Runway is officially a work in progress. You are going to love what I’m cooking up!!! How was your first day back at work? How many coffees did you need? We are Backstage.


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