Maybeline’s first male spokesman:Maybe he is born with it.

Manny Gutierrez has been appointed as Maybelline's first-ever male spokesperson. This was announced in a digital campaign alongside beauty blogger Shayla. And this is exciting. I think it is great that beauty companies are starting to recognize male influencer talent. I’m all for it but...there is a but and this is definitely selfish of me because this conversation is not about me but it is my Runway so here it goes. I’m personally not impressed with this wonderful thing that is happening for Manny and James Charles who was CoverGirl’s first male face last year. It is good for them and other boys who now can become faces of a beauty brand and I just need to be a brat for a second.

I am not impressed because the beauty industry has refused to increase the diversity in makeup. It is so difficult to find matching foundations for darker tones -especially the caramel ones. I do not see that much diversity in the beauty ads either. And not to make this about color but if they want to really impress me (because Maybeline cares about impressing my Runway) they can sign a carefree black boy. Not to make it about the problems of being a woman of color in the beauty industry but what about me? No shade at all but I need more shades.

Speaking of pretty boys, I like mine pretty. I am more attracted to guys who take a second or two to groom up. Ones who are not afraid to get a pedi. That is okay. It is okay for a guy to walk into a salon to get a pedi. Can we make that okay?

Come for a snack Backstage so that we can talk about last night’s Golden Globes. WOW


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