Retail News: Closing time for Wet Seal’s doors.

This does not come as a surprise that Wet Seal is closing. Wet Seal is one of those stores *cough cough* rainbow where you will go in to get the essentials but you will be damned if you are seen walking out with a bag….Maybe that is just me. I always say no to the bag and put whatever I got or didn’t get in my purse. There was a time I had to go to CVS first for a bag. Whatever Wet Seal’s position in the retail world is in right now, there is no denying that the “it girls” once shopped from there.


The company is closing its doors because it of the past few bumpy few years that included massive layoffs and filing for bankruptcy protection.  The company could not find the funding or partnership it needed therefore, it will receive no further financing for its operations.  I guess every song comes to an end.

You know, not that I was ever counting on their downfall but I am surprised that Payless still lives.  Don’t forget to come Backstage to see what is on the wall.

Thank you for walking on the Runway.


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