Lady Gaga in the first Tiffany & Co Super bowl commercial

Lady Gaga will be part of many firsts this coming weekend. She will be performing for the first time during the half-time. I heard that she was told to do whatever she wants so I think we are up for a surprise. On top of that, she will be appearing in a Tiffany commercial.
Vogue editor Grace Coddington and Photographer David Sims were part of the creative process of this 60 – second commercial.  The commercial will be in black-and-white and will showcase the brand’s new HardWear line which will be the start of the company’s spring campaign.
Image from Vanity Fair

I did not know that Tiffany’s is the one that engraves the names of the team that wins.  So the company has been part of the Super bowl in a way. Does that mean that the company got a discount  on the commercial?

Here is a teaser. The actual commercial will debut on February 5. I just wanted to give you a heads up. Don’t forget to come Backstage for more. Thank you for walking on the Runway.

P.S Happy Black History Month. During this month, the spotlight is going to be on black women of any age, past and present who inspire us.  Can I call this “Black Girl Magic History Month”?


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