Lenny Kravitz’s photography project was inspired by fans and Paparazzi

Hello Runway, I wanted to share Lenny Kravitz’s latest project.  We love seeing the singer and actor in front of the camera and it turns out, he is also talented as well behind the camera. Papa Kravitz’s love for photography has led an exhibition at Art Basel and collaboration with camera company Leica.  The project is called “Flash”. He turns his lens onto paparazzi and fans and all images are shot in black and white. “I find that black and white is far more realistic,” he said. “I see better in black and white.” We agree Lenny. We agree but at the same time we will agree with almost anything that you say.

Backstage, I have Zoe Kravitz at YSL’s Beauty Party. What do you think of Papa Kravitz’s photography ?


Images from CNN


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