Paris Jackson is the next It girl.

Happy Monday.  Paris Jackson (daughter of Michael Jackson) signed with IMG Models at the end of last week. IMG Models is the agency that represents some of the faces you see on every runway and cover like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kate Moss Gisele and Kendall. I am actually very excited for her.  She was of course set for greatness being Michael Jackson’s daughter and all but I am mostly excited for the path she has chosen.

She has a different look, one that is perfect for glamour.  She gives me old Hollywood glamour and I am here for it. Let us not forget the influence that her father had on the fashion world. The thing that I love about her is how open she is and for a legend’s daughter, she has struggled and fought the same battles that regular people fight. Not long ago, she opened up about the struggles she faced following her father’s death and admitted to trying to take her life at 15 and it is just amazing that at 18, she has healed and is open about it. I became a fan even more during her appearance during the 2017 Grammy awards when she told the audience applauding her that “we could use this type of energy at the front of the Dakota access pipeline.” We already know that she will be the queen of clap backs to the haters. This showed me that she has a lot more to offer than just being Michael Jackson’s daughter and honestly, I am tired of seeing the same girls with the same look on every cover and runway.  She and Malia Obama should be friends.
Here she is on the set of another photo shoot in Paris and you can tell that this comes so naturally to her. We will be following her modeling career and Reginahs Runway will be rooting on for her.  I hope that she has a guardian/ manager who cares about her wellbeing as well as the jobs that she gets. I think Aunt Janet would be that “hovering manager” but she is busy with her family but I hope it is not one of the greedy family members.
Thank you for walking on the Runway. Catch you Backstage.


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