2017 Uganda Martrys celebrations in Boston

I hope you are staying hydrated during this heat. Hydration is the only way to stay fabulous during the summer.  I have been busy Backstage with red carpet events and lots of homework. I like the idea of summer classes until you have 5 classes and the barbeque is in the air.

  June 6th is the day of the Ugandan Martyrs.  It is celebrated annually in Uganda- people pilgrimage from far and near to Namugongo to pray to the Ugandan Martyrs.  But for the Ugandans in the Diaspora, we celebrate the Martyrs pretty much all month long. Last weekend, we celebrated the Uganda Martyrs in Boston and this weekend, the party is in New York City.
Photo taken by PS Photography.


One of the things I miss about Boston is the Ugandan community. To be far away from home (Uganda) it is such a blessing to be surrounded by people who speak the same language, have mass in your language and matooke. The community is also very supportive; they let me bring out my red carpet to the event.  Putting yourself out there sounds easy until you have to put yourself out there. The support of the people in the Boston Uganda Community made it so much easier.

  Having events like the Uganda Martyrs celebration is very important. Our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews get to learn about the history of their country that they are not learning in their history classes. Entertainment was provided by the youth Karolines who performed a few of the Ugandan traditional dances.


Mesach Semakula – one of my top 5 favorite Ugandan artists gave a wonderful performance. He performed all of my favorite songs that were popular when I was still living in Entebbe.
He also made Runway history by being the first celebrity to walk on Reginahs Runway red carpet. You cannot even imagine the blessings that come with walking on my red carpet.
If you go Backstage, there is a full album of the photos from the red carpet. I will later write a post about my favorite looks because what is a red carpet if I cannot choose my favorite looks.  The Boston Uganda Martyrs celebration is the hottest summer ticket in Boston; no one can get to the red carpet without a ticket.
We took a seat because the red carpet life can be exhausting.
Thank you for walking on my Runway. My Runway is currently full of love, acceptance and lots of beautiful smiles: I’m very grateful.  Whatever your views on religion are, there is a lesson we can learn from the Uganda Martyrs. They died because they refused to stand for something that they did not believe in.  What are you willing to do for what you believe in? We are living in times where we have to speak up about what we believe in. Whether religion, human rights, climate change or even our dreams. I encourage you to reflect on this quote by Maggie Kuhn “Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind--even if your voice shakes”
With love,
Miss Runway



  1. This event looks nice. Gratitude for sharing these pictures here. I also have to host the Oscar themed sweet 16th birthday bash for my daughter. I was just wondering if you can recommend any good party venues in San Francisco for this bash.


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