Backstage Pass: Finally spent a weekend home #celebratingLillianAllen

A weekend so good that we are still recovering from it. It is Thursday and we are still recovering from the weekend. I celebrated my love for Chance and his music and my big sister’s surprise graduation party. How can one make a graduation party a surprise?  Leave that to my big sisters Lydia and Linda. Lillian deserved it.  She is this amazing beautiful smart strong respectable woman. She went back to school to finish her Bachelor's degree in Psychology with three children, a husband, while working full time. I do not have three children or even a cat to take care of and I can't imagine what a typical day must have been for her.

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I’m so proud of Lillian and happy for the world. She is going to be a wonderful psychologist. She has this beautiful mind that understands crazy. It can get cloudy sometimes and you need people who will help you clear the storm. I am already making my appointment.

Lillian Allen, Mr.Allen, Lydia and the 3Vs. The only people who know that they were walking into a surprise party are Mr.Allen and Lydia. Can we talk about how adorable the 3Vs are in their matching outfits. 

There were speeches. It is safe to say that we are a speeches family.  She thanked every single person for helping her with her the 3 nieces (who from this point forward will refer to as the 3Vs because Val, Vanaeh, Veronica) She mentioned every single person who helped. I thought that was noble because she could have grouped them and said thank you to the baby sitters.
She was truly surprised, happy and hugged every single person in the room. It was a day full of love and Ugandan food.  There was more than enough samosas.

She thanked her husband Mr. Allen, I am sure it took a team effort and said amazing things about them. Shout to the men who know how to love strong women.

My mom gave a beautiful speech. Those are her specialty; like her  dry fish groundnut soup. It was not at the party, but she makes the best binyebwa. She threw a little shade when she said “it was not easy raising these girls” and to be honest, a single mother raising 6 children sounds exhausting. Women have a way of accomplishing these amazing things that seem impossible.

Thank you for those who came to celebrate Lillian and for everyone who stopped to strike a pose. The runway will be in effect again on June 11th in celebration of the Uganda Martyrs.

Thank you for walking on my Runway. Catch you Backstage.

Welcome to a new month. May it bring new blessings.
With Love

Miss Runway  


  1. It feels like I walked into that room. Feeling happy within right now. Wulululul, esanyu linzita vayogwe nzune mu.


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