Governors Ball 2017 Recap.

Happy Monday Runway,

I hope you had a weekend so good that you could not wait for the week to start so that you can get some work done. I love to show up and turn up just like the next girl but I would rather stay low key and check off my to-do list. In the words of Sam Hunt, I am a homebody. Unless the Universe gifts you with a free 3 day pass to Governors ball then the to-do list can wait.

The lineup was pretty good. I missed Stormzy on Saturday and Michael Kiwanuka but was front and center for a favorite on y Runway Chance the Rapper. Lorde performed before Chance with a memorable performance. She performed new and old songs with a large elevated rectangular box with her backup dancers. It was an interesting set piece but definitely a good vibe with her performance. She might not be my style at the moment- I feel like you have to be in this place to connect with her music and I am just not. 18 year old Reginah would appreciate her more. An amazing performer and seemed like a cool girl.

Chance was an hour after Lorde. Her fans cleared out and I found the perfect moment to be front and center. He played everything I wanted him to play. Acid Rap, Coloring Book, Kanye features; I’m the one and closed with the Blessings outro “Are you ready for your blessings? Are you ready for your miracle”I had definitely not had enough of him at Boston Calling. The crowd was rowdy before he started performing but nothing matter one Chance was on stage. There is this thing he does where he connects with every single person even the ones way in the back; it is a much better feeling when you are not far away from him. Chance the Rapper always fills my heart with love, praise and gratitude and no artist is doing what he is doing right now.

The next few days were all about food. I might be late with this but festival food is really really yummy. Hella expensive but oh my Dolce & Gabbana it is so good. There were options for anyone and everyone. I had the best tacos from this taco stand (would be helpful if I could remember the name) funnel cakes that fulfilled my fried dough needs, John’s juice and some bomb Jamaican food. I could have photos of the food but it was good before I even though about it.

What is your favorite thing about festivals?  I know I was not a teenager that long ago but there were way too many teenagers who made the festival meeeh and although it was a music festival, the food was my favorite part. The food and Chance the Rapper. Perhaps I should go to a food festival next and invite Chance?

I have a to-do list that I need to start checking off. Thank you for walking on my Runway. Catch you BACKSTAGE?

With love and gratitude,

Miss Runway.



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