Oh My Dolce & Gabbana! Second Time Around will close all of its stores.

Ugggghhhhhh is it me or is everything happening at the same time?  I’m trying to make sense of the world, figure out whether it is okay to buy Ivanka Trump products especially since they are on a major discount and then I find out that Second Time Around will close all of its stores. As an aspiring entrepreneur, closing a business is something that scares me. My Accounting professor tried to tell me that sometimes a business closing is not a sign of failure but I have to meditate on that a bit.

Last year, the Massachusetts based company announced that it was launching an e-commerce sector and that was a sign of growth. The company had stores in Rhode Island and Vermont as well. “Because of a convergence of market forces hitting all brick and mortar stores — including increased competition from online retailers combined with skyrocketing rents — we have made the difficult decision to close our stores,” the company said in a statement.

Second Time Around specialized in high-end second hand items. I got this Dolce & Gabbana lace full skirt that one of my sisters probably “stole”. I just remember that being an amazing day. Had some Pinkberry on Newbury Street walked into Second Time Around and fell in love with this skirt. The sales clerk liked my energy and gave me a good discount on it- good discounts will have a girl feeling blessed. The store started facing stiff competition from fellow second hand retailers like The RealReala and Vestiaire; Another thing that millennials have ruined

Apparently many consigners at the store are left confused because all the stores are closing and they have not received their payments yet. Some have been waiting for months for payment for used items sold to the store. If you are one of these consigners waiting for their payment, contact the Better Business Bureau- it has already awarded the retailer an F rating. Looks like there will be no third time around.  

In business and especially in life, some doors have to be closed; hopefully for the better. Thank you for walking on my Runway. Catch you Backstage.

With love,

Miss Runway.


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