Guest Post: AfroPunk2017 vibes by Tshara Hasina.

When I went to Boston Calling and Governors Ball, I looked around for #blackgirlmagic but there was just not enough. Little did I know (I’m new to the festival scene) that CURLFEST and Afropunk is where the queens assemble. With Solange, SZA and more on Afropunk’s lineup, I am shaking my head for missing out but I will not beat myself up for it because come next year, Regianhsrunway is at Afropunk rain or shine.

Since I have a year to get ready, I asked my fabulous friend and brilliant designer Tshara Hasina to come to Reginahsrunway and tell us about her first time at Afropunk and especially about the thought process behind her festival look.

ReginahsRunway meet Miss Tshara. Don’t forget to follow her on HERE to see more of her personal style.

“Afropunk is the festival for those who do not dream to be but just are. It’s not about being trendy but about being truly you in all the right ways. I had an idea for a cute “festival look” days in advance but changed my mind the night before. It felt a little forced. My ripped mom jeans had no stretch. I wasn’t feeling comfortable or stylish enough for the affair. I pulled out a neon pink fringe muscle tee (cut up by myself) and distressed shorts. Instead of my usual choker, I went with a white bandana to complete the look. No bra, no fuss because I had achieved a look. I was not “best dressed” or most noticed on day 2 of the festival by a long shot. But people loved my look.

As minimalist as I am, I do me very well. I think that’s what Afropunk is able to create for locals and people who traveled from Texas, Ohio, DC and people all over; a safe space to display an unapologetic version of themselves. Located in a small park in Brooklyn, people laid out blankets, sold merchandise, distributed pins, worked on food trucks, promoted their businesses, met new people, enjoyed big names and upcoming ones. They immersed themselves in a vibe. “

Love it! I love any environment that creates those vibes where you feel like you have to be nothing but your true self. That is how it is supposed to be. I might not have gone to Afropunk but I got my #blackgirlmagic refill at the #MattieMayaNYC Meet up and it was such a pleasure to meet black creatives. I love meeting like minded people.


Thank you for walking on my Runway.  The email is if you ever want to guest post or promote your business.


Miss Runway.


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