Show Review: Max Mara RTW 2018

Some people forget that to have style is not to always have the latest trends in your closet. There are people on Reginahsrunway who shop for every single occasion. Personally, I will wear something for years until it retires. I might have more clothes than I need but best believe that almost 80% of them are in the rotation. The other 20% are waiting for my goal weight so that they can fit.

The thing that was so pure and chic about this Max Mara collection was the baseline of quality classics that are to be kept for a long time. I was feeling every look and the color scheme. I however need more classics in my closet so that I can cut down on the time spent putting an outfit together.  A piece of advice, have a few classics in your closet that you can play with to dress them down or up. A dress you can wear with a necklace and heels and be ready for date night can be the same dress you wear with sneakers and a dope jacket for that casual Friday look.

I am finding beauty in simplicity and it is a beautiful feeling.

Thank you for walking on my Runway. We are BACKSTAGE talking about turning wounds into flowers and taking your own time on your personal self love journey.

With love,

Miss Runway

Images from Vogue UK


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