Show Review: Off-White’s Ghanaian American Virigil Abloh pays tribute to Princess Diana with recent collection.

I was about 4 years old when Princess Diana died. Although I was not old enough to remember her, I cannot imagine how awesome it was to live in her era. She seemed like my kind of girl. I have almost watched every documentary and movie made about her life. I am very inspired by her confidence and wish to have her charitable heart. I bet you remember where you were when Princess Diana died.
20 years later and the world is still mourning her death.  Her sons Prince Harry and Prince William have started to be transparent about her death and how they were affected by it and I am here for it. It doesn’t matter how much time passes by, grieving never goes away you just learn to go on with your life with it. In their HBO documentary (You should watch it if you can) they show us a side of Diana only her inner circle knew. We learned that Prince Harry being naughty in the media is a trait he got from his mother. Of course he was also grieving but apparently Princess Diana was a cheeky prankster.
Off-White’s Virigil Abloh’s RTW collection was inspired by Princess Diana. It paid tribute to the side the media did not show you of the people’s Princess. If you have heard her friends describe how she was in private then you will appreciate this collection.
“I think she’s a muse for the modern woman, young and old, 16 to 60,” explained Abloh backstage. “She’s the figure in the back of the head of a generation: a powerful, independent and kind woman and I wanted to pay tribute to that”

The collection has power suits with attitude, 80’s inspired prints, Cinderella dresses, and big bows from shoes. This is a witty collection and it had Naomi Campbell on the Runway therefore the reviews are going to be great.

At some point during the show, the Ghanaian American designer sent models in Nike trainers carrying the heels in their hands, we have all been there. Some of us were a little shy to carry the heels like that but not that it’s on the runway, it is cool.

BRAVO Virigil Abloh, this collection was very refreshing. Do you remember where you were when Princess Diana died?

See you Backstage

With love

Miss Runway



Images from Vogue


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