CAREERS: What does “cover letter optional” really mean?

Job searching and dating are pretty much the same. Both are awful, can be humiliating and difficult. A good man is hard to find so is a good job that doesn’t require you to have ten years of experience.

So we are setting ourselves up to make money moves. You know that you can get the job done, not because you need to increase your cash flow or gain experience; you are passionate in your field and you just need one well paid job opportunity. You have been applying to at least five jobs a day and after three months, have invested in LinkedIn Premium without hearing anything. You are tired of the job search and at this point, would rather go on an awkward Tinder date before you write another cover letter. As you are about to start swiping left and right, you see an application that says “cover letter optional”. What do you do?

If you are serious about this job and search, the cover letter is not an option. You don’t want to show the hiring managers that you don’t go above and beyond. You write it to show them that you are serious about this job because there are people who will not write it. They could have made the cover letter “optional” because they are tired of reading trash cover letter and this reduces them.

I advise you not to take the easy way out when job searching. Write the cover letter. Don’t sleep with your date after the first date especially if you want something long term ish. They will think that you sleep with everyone on the first date and the job will think that you don’t like to go above and beyond.

See, dating and the job search have a lot in common. Which one would you rather be doing? Hang in there if it is both heheeh. Don’t forget to come backstage; we are having so much fun.

Thank you for walking on my Runway

With love,



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