Spotlight is on She's The First #DAYOFTHEGIRL

We don’t take education for granted on Reginahsrunway: Especially girls’ education. Like Nelson Mandela once said “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” That is why on the #DAYOFTHEGIRL, the spotlight is on She’s The First (STF). A charity organization that helps put girls in countries like Uganda go to school. Girls sponsored STF are usually the first ones in their families to go to secondary school.

I know that mother Runway made a lot of sacrifices to put me through school, especially boarding school. She could have been going to vacations or getting weekly mani-pedis but she made sure that I get an education. I don’t think that I would have my Masters if it was not for her relentless hard work and the fact that she too is a huge fan of education.

I love organizations like STF who make it their mission to empower and educate girls especially living in third world countries. Education is a right but not all girls can afford it. Sometimes we might take education for granted but I can guarantee you that these girls will not take it for granted. These young girls wake up early to walk miles to fetch water or firewood and still manage to come to class before the teacher. These are the girls who love education so much because they know that they can become doctors, nurses, pilots etc. I would bet my bottom dollar that if you donate to STF or sponsor a girl; you would be changing their lives.

You can also start a STF chapter at your college.

Thank you for those fighting the good fight.

Thank you for walking on Reginahsrunway

With love,Miss Runway


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