Stella McCartney: The problem with cultural appropriation is that they never learn from it

Hello Runway, I have to admit that October started off on a shaky note. I lost my headphones, I got a cough/ sore throat thing going on and 45 is doing who knows what. So I hope the Runway understands why I don’t have time for rubbish. Especially white privilege rubbish that uses African culture and acts like they are trend setters. Yeah try again.

 ReginahsRunway started this thing where I don’t even give a nod to fashion brands that don’t have diversity. When I go through the collections as they come in, I only take Backstage those who used more than 3 black models. You can go Backstage and the ones you see in the album section are the ones that made the cut.
I saw Stella McCartney’s collection. It was cozy, glam and the fitting was something that I am yearning in my closet. And then I realized the lack of black models. I kept on scrolling only to see African designs in the collection. Now not to make this about us but this is a problem. See, the problem is not white people loving the African culture or getting inspiration from it. The problem is that when they do, they put their expensive labels on it, call it trends, make profit from it and act like my dead grandmother was not wearing these dresses in the 90’s to go to the garden. I have heard enough of it.

It is always one after another and all the Kardashians. They never learn from it. We have had this conversation so many times. You can save me your apologies and how you will learn from this experience. Why didn’t you learn from it when Marc Jacobs did it last September?

It is time that Africa benefits from her culture the way that white people benefit from it. Our people are dying, starving and don’t have basic needs while people are benefiting from their culture. It is sickening and I have had enough of it. The time to rebrand Africa is now.  I suggest that anyone who steals from the African culture without giving her credit should pay a fine that will be a donation to an organization that supports Africa. Let’s start with Reginahsrunway.

I just can’t. Not today.  Thank you for walking on my Runway.  Do you know any African designers?  Are you an African designer looking for a platform to showcase your work? Come to Reginahsrunway (

Photos from Vogue


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